Kathleen Baxter

Nonfiction Booktalking Tips
Approach your books with a supply of post-it notes or tape flags.
Browse through the books on your shelf. Do any have topics that particularly appeal to you? Grab them?
Look through the illustrations and photographs. Is there one that is absolutely irresistible? Read the caption and then scan the accompanying information. Mark it.

Keep browsing. Is there another great illustration or a fascinating fact guaranteed to secure the attention of your audience? Mark it.

Scan the book just enough to get you a feel for what it is saying. Jot down notes to help you remember any key points, then stick your notes in the book.
Select books on a variety of topics. You are not attracted by absolutely every topic and neither is your audience.
Keep your booktalk moving. This is not the age of rhetoric. Kids are used to needing only short attention spans. Make it quick and snappy.
Be enthusiastic! Let your audience see your excitement about the book.
Include a commercial for your library, media center, or classroom collection. Make it easy for kids to get the book.
Make transparencies or use PowerPoint whenever possible. It cuts down on heavy hauling and allows books to be used by their audience.

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